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Our History

The Peoples Presbyterian Church 【长老会万民堂】was previously known as Wan Min Worship【万民崇拜】. It was established on July 1992 at the subsidiary branch of the Singapore Bible College located at Newton Road called Jifu Centre 【基福中心】. The Wanmin Worship began as an outreach project of the bible school students from the Jifu Centre to establish a Chinese-speaking grassroot Church. The team includes Brothers Zhang Weixin, Chen Zhongfu, Chen Laicheng and Sister Xie Jingyi, etc. Under the leadership of the then General Secretary of the Jifu Centre, Rev. Philip Leow, the enthusiastic and passionate students launched the first worship service on 26th July 1992.

On July 1993, Rev. Philip Leow returned from the States as a voluntary moderator for Wan Min Worship. At that time, he received a mission and vision from God: To establish a grassroot-focused and spirit-filled Church. The Church progressively received inspiration of the seven visions of the Church, which became TPPC’s Seven Distinctive Features.

On June 1994, TPPC held her first Family Camp in Cameron Highlands. On the same year in July, Rev. Philip Leow received a clear vision towards Church planting mission. As such, on the second year of Wan Min Worship, Chew Hwee Lyn, a bible school graduate from Singapore Bible College was sent to Johor Bahru to plant our first missional church in Taman University of Johor. Gereja Presbyterian Wan Min (GPWM) was launched as part of our vision for missions. GPWM became independent in 1997, and in 2000, we partnered with GPWM to embark of their own church planting effort at Kulai Johor. As a result, Pertubuhan Penganut Kristian Indahpura (PPKI) was born.

In September, by God’s amazing guidance and provision, through the Board of Directors of All Saints Memorial Chapel and the support of the Board’s Chairman Rev. Li Huaiguang, Wan Min Worship was given free use of the worship hall and church office, as well as monthly support for church operations.

*** We wish to express our utmost appreciation to Rev. Li Huaiguang for his blessings to TPPC ***

With the venue for worship services secured, Rev. Philip Leow together with the team members Pr Tan Tiong Hock, Pr Tan Lye Seng and Pr Sim Swee Ming, began consolidating the foundation of the church through cell groups nurturing and various church activities. These includes camps and courses to build the faith of new believers, spiritual growth of the church members and discipling leaders. God is faithfulness and Wan Min Worship began to grow daily.

On June 1995, Pr Wu Yongling joined Wan Min Worship and helped to develop the cell groups nurturing for the church. In the same year, Pr Zhang Weixin, Pr Xie Jingyi and Pr Lu Yuhe were sent to Penang for Church planting work and established Pertubuhan Penganut Kristian Desa Permata (PPKDP), bringing the gospel message further north of Malaysia. In 2001, we partnered with PPKDP to North Thailand and planted The Peoples Church Hatyai. In October 1995, Wan Min Worship established the first Deacon’s Board with Deacons Sister Fang Ruiying, Brother Chen Ruide and Sister Chen Shujin.

The 30th March 1996 marks an important milestone for Wan Min Worship. This is when the Synod of The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (The PCS) accepted Wan Min Worship into the Synod. Wan Min Worship became a Church and became The Peoples Presbyterian Church【长老会万民堂】.

In June, TPPC held the first combined Church camp in Kuantan Malaysia for TPPC (Singapore), GPWM (Taman) and PPKDP (Penang).

In July, Pr Lin Zimin, Pr Chen Xinghua and a missionary couple from Hong Kong, Mr and Mrs. Ou Yaoqiang joined TPPC as staffs, serving at various capacities. TPPC also launched new missions work in Cambodia and planted our third missions church in Phnom Penh called Phnom Penh Promised People Presbyterian Church, aka the 5Ps Church. The church was accepted by the Synod Missions Committee, with church affairs managed by TPPC.

In July 1997, Rev. Philip Leow was burdened by the need for the church’s pastoral care and the vision and needs for missions work. He decided to resign from his lectureship at the Singapore Bible College and as General Secretary for Jifu Centre, in order to become the full time Senior Pastor for TPPC.

In November, we organized our first Missions Conference, and invited Rev. Liow Guohua from Grace Church in KL as our speaker. The theme was “Missions for Everyone” 【人人宣教】. Many church members were touched by the inspired messages and a total of more than $80,000 in faith pledges were raised!

At the same year, due the All Saints Chapel’s need for expansion, the TPPC church office and children’s room needed to be relocated. We thank God for miraculously providing a bungalow next to the church for the ministry’s use.

On November 1998, TPPC held her 2nd Missions Conference. We invited Rev. Wang Limin from the Neighbourhood Church in Hong Kong as the guest speaker on the topic “The Joy of Missions”. As we are reminded of the end times and the urgent call of the harvest field, the Churches from Malaysia and Singapore raised a combined faith pledge of $100,000.

On July 1999, our tenure for using All Saints’ Chapel as our worship location has come to an end. The church began to enter into a new phase of faith. The Church Building Committee was formed to secure a new location for church move.

In 2000, by God’s grace, the church bought a 5000 square feet, two-storey premises in Potong Pasir as our worship centre. We took interest free loans and bank loans for the initial down payment of more than $500,000. TPPC finally has her own premises. With the expansion and needs of the church, the English Service was launched. At the same time, even though we face tremendous financial needs for the church building, we proceeded to send Pr Ding Shuming to Sydney Australia to establish our 4th Missions church – Australia Wan Min.

As we enter 2001, the church faced an internal tight financial situation (the main expenses were bank loans, interest-free loans and building renovation cost) as well as an incident at the Cambodia Church. God is faithful and good, and had His favor rests towards TPPC! We also launched church planting work in China, trusting the Lord to make a way through the desert places. We trusted God to guide the church by His grace, and even though we experienced difficult times, we will still enjoy the fragrance of His presence. As we pressed on in the church vision for missions, the fire of missions burned brightly in the hearts of TPPC members, establishing a heritage for the generations to come. In 2002, the church embarked on the vision of “Gospel outreach through Community penetration”, and established the Seng Kang Students Centre. We appointed Brother Zhang Guangliang as the director for the centre’s work. Currently, there are around 80 students in the centre.

In end 2004, the church made an assessment of our ministry development and with it, drafted the plans for 2005-2006. The ministry focus will be as follows:

1. Revival of Life Groups     2. Renewal of Prayer Network
3. Comprehensive promotion of nurturing plans     4. In-depth implementation of community care

As the Church focus on outreaches, we must also consolidate the foundations of the church. As the church unites as the body of Christ, then can we move as one towards the mission and vision ahead of us. A series of nurturing materials was launched (Wind, Rain, Thunder, Electricity) which briefly outlines the church history and the call God gave to us. We also sense that God has a specific purpose for calling us into the Potong Pasir community. We began community work in the heart of the HDB flats in order to reach the residents in the estates.

In May, the Church took over a Photocopying Shop at Block 147 and renamed it Wan Min Community Services Centre. Pr Lu Yuhe and Intern Judy Wong were appointed to oversee the centre. The purpose of the centre is to further impact the community and established opportunities for outreach and invitation to church events.

The church theme for 2007 was “Expand our Borders”, as we pray for God to expand our personal, family, community and missions borders. It is our hope that TPPC will be a church used by God to expand, used and reach others for Him. At our 15th Church Anniversary, Brother Christopher Koh was appointed as the first Elder of TPPC. In November, TPPC partnered with a church in Batu, Indonesia, and sent Pr Fang Xiaoping as our missionary for the work of the gospel, to oversee and care for the ministry.

In line with the 2007 church theme, the theme for 2008 was “Fishers of men”. Through various platforms, church members were encouraged to invite their pre-believing friends, family and neighbourhood to our worship services, and to pray intensively for them. The church designated every second Sundays as Community Sunday and fourth Sundays as Newcomers Sunday.

In the beginning of 2009, Rev. Qiu Zhuen joined TPPC and oversee the Adults Sunday Class and Community outreach. In February, Deacon Liang Xiuching and Sister Judy Wong were appointed as Visitation Co-workers, to assists Church pastors in the visitation ministry. In April, Wan Min Community Services resumes its operations and appointed Deacon Chen Junming as the director, with Deacon Shirley Tan and Pr Chen Zhongfu as volunteer co-workers. With the community program underway, the church elderly daycare centre was launched. We also applied to the Government for a new venue for the centre as we hope to have a better location to expand the work of the daycare centre. In October, the missions church in Kuala Lumpur was born. Pr Xie Jingyi was appointed as the overseer to reach and share the gospel to the university students.

The church organized various camps for the church members to encourage personal breakthroughs especially in the areas of ministry and personal spiritual life. Being courageous to step out into the deep waters to experience God. In 2010, Pr Chen Yubao was appointed to oversee the Youth ministry and Church choir. The Youth Group was started in March and the Choir was launched in August, opening a new page to Wan Min Choir ministry. The church also sent two missionaries to Ho chi Minh City to establish the missions church in Vietnam.

The Church encouraged the members towards building a closer walk with the Lord with the verse from Psalms 63:1. Sister Loh Lee Leng was appointed as our Children’s Pastor and the first Children’s Choir was established in March. By God’s provision, we bought a two-storey shophouse in Dannok, Thailand and established a church. The Church dedication was held on 11th December 2011. Besides the worship service, Wan Min Tuition Centre was also established. Sisters Yang Jingrong and Liu Siyu were appointed to oversee the centre. “Love at Christmas” was one of the main focus of the year’s Christmas eve celebration. The public, gospel event with songs, dance and drama was held at the Potong Pasir Community Club. Indeed for a small church like TPPC with limited resources, this was a courageous attempt! Yet, is anything too difficult for our God? It was with such a courage that from July, under the leadership of Pr Chen Yubao and Deacon Loo Horn San, the organizing committee, church choir and various ministry co-workers, youths and children, and almost all church members were mobilized. We saw more than 300 persons turned out from the community to a successful presentation at the close of the year.

In February, Pr Chew Hwee Lyn joined as a part-time church staff to strengthen the training for cell leaders and assistant leaders, and supervise the operations and progress of the cell groups. Materials from the Christian Communications Inc. of USA called “Discipleship Essentials” were given to the cell leaders and assistant leaders during their training. The Church 20th Anniversary was a two days celebration. On 1st September (Saturday), a Thanksgiving Luncheon was held at the Grassroot Community Club. Invited guests included pastors and ministers from the Synod, previous co-workers with TPPC and missionaries from Taman University, Kulai, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand and Cambodia. We were gathered to celebrate God’s grace. On 2nd September (Sunday), the Church gave thanks and gratefulness to our Almighty God. We also appointed Brother Peter Cheong as our second Church Elder.

The church also published a special edition of “20 years of Abundance”【丰丰盛盛20年】, which includes special video and our church history and Wan Min Songs Selections, to celebrate God’s abundant grace. On missions, various missions teams were sent to Vietnam, Australia and Phnom Penh Cambodia. Three missionaries were also sent to Wan Min China to serve at the various preaching stations. The Christmas Celebration was held on 23rd December. On 25th December, our church choir combined with Glory Presbyterian Church choir and band ministered at Bedok Gospel Church for Christmas Praise Festival. Rev. Li Zhongming was invited as the guest speaker. The theme was “Christmas Carols” – the praise of four parts Holy songs. Through the songs of praise, we ascribed the highest honor to our Almighty God in praise and thanksgiving. This indeed was a perfect completion to our Church 20th Anniversary Celebration.

On 22nd to 23rd March, Sister Loh Lee Leng, together with the Children’s teachers and parents led the children for a missions trip to our missions church in Taman University. On 7th to 9th June, we held combined Church Family Camp at the Austin Heights Golf Resort with our missions churches from Taman University, Kulai, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hatyai and Dannok Thailand. Co-workers and church members from the various churches attended the 3 days 2 nights retreat. Rev. Zheng Huiguang from Full Gospel Church in Johor Bahru was the guest speaker. On 1st September, we celebrated our Church Anniversary with the theme “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. Various cell groups presented an item as part of the celebration. A booklet called TPPC 【万民堂】was published to introduce the birth of the church, the various ministries, Elders & Deacons Board and the Pastoral staff. Praise God for His faithfulness! After years of litigation over the property of our Cambodia Church, the court has granted TPPC Singapore the rights to the property. In the same year, our Missions church in Taman University was accepted into the Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia (GPM).

The Wan Min Community services also received the approval from MCYS to establish a day Eldercare Centre at Potong Pasir Block 108.

In the theme of “Everyone doing their part Growing in Love”, we encourage church members to participate in various ministries and discover their spiritual gifts, and through them to grow in love. At the end of 2013, the Cambodian High Court has ruled that the church property of our Cambodia Missions Church be returned to TPPC. As part of the celebration, on 6th to 9th June, we held our annual Church Family Camp in our missions church in Cambodia where more than 100 church members participated. On 7th June, a Church Dedication Service was held. We invited the pastors and ministers from the local Chinese speaking churches to commemorate the historic occasion with us as we rededicated our Cambodia Church to God. Everyone were touched as we remember the greatness of our God! God is indeed Sovereign. The family camp also strengthened the relationships between the members of both countries. Even though we are of different races, but we are one in the Lord! On 31st August, we organized a prayerwalk and visitation to Telok Kurau as part of our 22nd Church Anniversary Celebration, and to claim by faith the land that God had given to us. In June, Wan Min Community Services moved into Potong Pasir Block 108 to fulfill the vision of “Gospel that penetrates the community”, which is one of TPPC’s Seven distinctive features. On 16th August, we invited the MP of Potong Pasir, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin as our Guest-of-honour for the opening ceremony. Through various activities, including free breakfast every Thursday, and free haircut for the eldelies every first Thursday of the month. The centre’s program were very well received by the residents in community. On 28th June was Wan Min Community Services Flag Day. Many members from TPPC participated enthusiastically, and raised $12,000 for community work.

With the theme “Each one bring one, Each become a blessing”, we hope that every member will actively share the gospel, lead others to the Lord, love the souls of men and women. That they will not be willing that any should perish but all to come into eternal life. In 2015, the Adults Fellowship Committee was formed to organized church activities once every two months. Through various activities and fellowships, we hope to bring people to the Lord and know the life of the church. In June, our Mission Church in Taman University organized a combined Family Church held in Malacca together with churches from Singapore, Kulai and Penang. Rev. Caleb Soo was the camp speaker for the topic: “One more mile”. On 30th August, TPPC celebrated our 23rd Church Anniversary where members were encouraged to submit words of thanksgiving and blessings on the notice boards as testimonies. Cell groups also presented celebration items and the Elders and Deacons shared words of encouragement to the Church.

With 1 Peter 2:21, “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps”, Rev. Philip Leow encouraged the members to understand the heart of Jesus, follow His examples and footsteps. To consider others before the self by asking “What Will Jesus do?” as personal life’s motto. The Church Family Camp was held in Vietnam participated by 72 members from TPPC. The camp was like a Missions trip! Participants stayed at various hotels at close proximity from the Church, where some will walk for good distance through busy streets, shops and housing estates. It was a touching experience for the participants. On 24th August, TPPC celebrated our 24th Church Anniversary where members posted words of thanksgiving and blessings on the notice boards. The cell groups presented celebration items and Deacon Lee Boon Chuan, Brother Wang Jiye and Pr Chew Hwee Lyn shared words of encouragement to the Church.

The theme discipleship was taken from Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Our Lord Jesus established and called the 12 disciples. The disciples followed the Lord and experienced transformation of life. They served and became martyrs for the Lord.  Every month, one disciples were featured on the pulpit sermon. As followers of the Lord, we hope that every brother and sister will follow the disciples’ examples, obey the Lord, fulfill the Great Commission, and commit to be the Lord’s disciples, to bring the gospel to the ends of the world. On 2nd to 5th June, TPPC organized the bi-annual combined Church Family Camp with our missions church in Taman University and Kulai. Rev. Shen Jianlong was the guest speaker and the camp was held at Port Dickson. For our 25th Church Anniversary Celebration, Pr Lai Keet Keong was appointed as a special contract worker. Various events were organized to bring renewal to the Church.

1)Celebration Services: Two Celebration Services were organized. On 19th August (Saturday) at SAFRA Toa Payoh’s Tim Palace, a Anniversary Luncheon was organized where pastors and ministers from the Synod were also invited. Everyone were gathered to remember God’s grace and blessings. On 20th August (Sunday) the Church continued to give glory to God for His faithfulness.

2)Special edition of our 25th Anniversary Periodical called 25 Years of Blessing 【25年的祝福】was published.

3)25th Anniversary Video to outline the history of the Church

4)Printing of the 12 Disciples Calendar 2018

5)Printing of 25th Anniversary T-shirts

6)On 22nd October (Sunday), we organized a Fund-raising Walkaton “Together we Build” 《同行建造》

TPPC Future Direction and Development:

(1) New Senior Pastor and ministry team

(2) More Elders and Deacons to rise up to serve

(3) Bigger Church premises and holistic growth

(4) All missions church to become independent in sufficiency, governance and outreach

(5) Wan Min International to become operationally ready to network missions churches together; The churches are also encouraged to join the local Presbyterian Synods

(6) Growth and expansion in the mother and missions churches and enlarge God’s kingdom. All glory to the God of Trinity!